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Amethyst & Citrine Geodes

Of all of the minerals and crystals Amethyst is one of the most prized and admired in the world. The reputed healing properties of Amethyst are extensive and it’s beauty unsurpassable.

Crystalight is Australia’s largest wholesaler of Amethyst geodes, and we have a life-long love and appreciation of this special crystal. Our wholesale Amethyst geodes are sourced mainly from one family in the south of Brazil and we have been importing quality Amethyst geodes for over 25 years.

They come to us in all shapes and sizes, ranging from beautiful babies only 15cm tall up to magnificent towers over 3 metres tall. The colour ranges from deep royal purple points to frosted icicles in amazing formations. We have windows and temples, pixie hats and pairs. Many of our beautiful Amethyst caves feature incredible calcite growths within them, sparkling druzes and rosette formations.

We believe that each of our Amethyst Geodes has its own unique Spirit. An Amethyst geode is must for any crystal collector, healer or practitioner and is a proven seller time and time again.

Beautiful golden Citrine Geodes are sometimes quite hard to find. We have a range of these sort after treasures that are truly stunning, sparkling golden crystals to rich amber coloured formations. Citrine is said to be the main crystal for bringing in abundance and a great stone for assisiting communication. Citrine is the main crystal used for attracting positive energy and wealth to your business. It is also a very grounding stone and said to bring good luck. A sparkling Citrine Geode is a must for all businesses.